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Ten-Minute Grammar Proofreading Marks Worksheet

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Practice your students proofreading skill with the help of this ‘Ten-Minute Grammar Proofreading Marks Worksheet’ share to us by Teaching Kids to Read and Write.

They explained that the goal of these units is to help students build a solid understanding of grade-level grammar concepts during the first ten minutes of the class period each day.

Each unit goes through a progression in which new grammatical concepts are introduced (by
discovery, as much as possible), built upon, and then practiced and reviewed.

In addition, the concepts in each consecutive unit build on one another logically-it might seem silly to spend time reviewing nouns and verbs with 8th graders, but it’s necessary if they’re going to understand things like gerunds and infinitives or specific types of verb phrases.


  1. Students should understand that…

a. “Editing,” “Proofreading,” and “Copy Editing” are synonyms that mean checking for and correcting grammatical errors in a piece of writing.
b. The use of standard proofreading marks helps avoid confusion when you’re editing your own work or someone else’s.

  1. Students should be able to…

a. Use the proper proofreading mark to indicate an error in a text.
b. Make the appropriate corrections to a text based on someone else’s proofreading marks.


Ten-Minute Grammar Proofreading Marks Worksheet


This worksheet (Ten-Minute Grammar Proofreading Marks Worksheet) is provided by Teaching Kids to Read and Write. You can visit their Facebook page and like it while you’re at it. We thank them for sharing this wonderful worksheet to us.

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