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Cebu Educator Arrested for Alleged Involvement in Drug Peddling

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CEBU CITY – The administration of an elementary school in Barili, Cebu, was left astounded upon learning that one of their educators had been apprehended for involvement in illegal drug activities.

Sheila Ares, the principal of Mantalongon Elementary School, expressed bewilderment, stating that there had been no prior reports or indications of the 39-year-old teacher, Glenn Pacaldo, being associated with drug peddling.

Pacaldo’s arrest occurred during a buy-bust operation on Sunday, September 17, in Barangay Kalubihan, Barili, where law enforcement authorities confiscated suspected shabu with an estimated value of P2,040 from the teacher.

According to Ares, the Department of Education-Barili District Office 2 is set to initiate an investigation to determine the appropriate sanctions that may be imposed on Pacaldo.

She further noted that Pacaldo had been known as a dedicated educator and had actively participated in the school’s anti-illegal drug symposiums.

Ares clarified that Pacaldo had sought permission to be absent last Wednesday, citing a need to have his skin infection examined in Cebu City.

Upon his return to the town on Sunday, Pacaldo was apprehended by Barili police under the leadership of Police Captain Crisanto Arreglo.

Police Major Janus Giangan, heading the Barili police force, has launched an extended investigation to uncover the source of illegal drugs associated with the teacher.


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