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Giving of Special Awards, Highly Discouraged

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With end of school year approaching fast, I know a lot of teachers are already in the search for things like trophies, awards or certificates to give their students as rewards.

Rewards are important because it encourages students to continue on studying and improve in their own crafts. With due recognition, the students are inspired to achieve more and better the next year, which is why we do give rewards for the deserving students.

But, a government agency called the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Council does not seem to get along with that idea.

On a Facebook post they posted back on February 11, they stated that giving of special awards during the Moving Up is highly discouraged. The council believes that every child is unique, and the assessment on early childhood should seek to understand the child’s development holistically.

According to them, giving of Certificates of Completion or Attendance is enough during Moving Up. As an alternative, if there’s a need to recognize parents for their valuable contributions and support during the year, a Certificate of Recognition may be given to the parents.

The ECCD Council is an agency for children aged 0-4 years, which led me to think that they are referring to the Moving Up ceremony for Kindergarten students. Nevertheless, I believe that giving recognition to the rightful students will help boost their confidence not just in school but also in real life. But as teachers, we must also give our careful attention to the others and not disregard them.

Remember! Every child is special.

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