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Family Rooster: An Unconventional Source of Motivation and Success for a Cavite Graduate

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In an unexpected and heartwarming twist, a graduate from Cavite State University has expressed her profound gratitude to an unusual inspiration – her family’s rooster, lovingly called “Bunso.”

Maria Kristine Neeve Cambel, a 20-year-old graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, credits much of her academic success to Bunso. The rooster’s early morning crows have been her unique alarm clock throughout her university journey.

In an interview, Cambel declared, “I want you to know that you are one of the reasons why I was motivated to study. Your crowing every morning was enough to wake me up. Because of you, I was able to finish college.”

But Bunso’s contribution goes beyond his role as a feathery reveille. The rooster has also contributed to the family’s income through cockfighting, an activity Cambel’s family has been involved in for years, with a current brood of around 200 roosters.

She gratefully acknowledged, “Thank you for helping my parents financially and for helping them become responsible parents to you chickens.”

Cambel’s affection for Bunso is not without its humor. She jokingly confessed her slight jealousy towards the favored rooster. “I want to tell you that I have some hard feelings because our parents favor you more, especially papa. That’s why sometimes I want to turn you into tinola (a Filipino chicken soup dish).”

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Aside from her family’s brood of roosters, Cambel also cherishes her relationships with dogs and considers them friends. She extended her support to Bunso for his sacrifices in the cockfighting ring, cheerfully encouraging him to “soar high, fly high!”

Of course, Cambel didn’t forget to express her gratitude towards her family, friends, and God for their support and the achievements she’s garnered. Her Facebook profile picture, featuring her in graduation attire holding Bunso, stands as a testament to their unique bond.

Cambel’s story serves as a reminder of the unconventional forms of motivation and success in our lives. Whether it be a family member, a friend, or in Cambel’s case, a dedicated rooster, the sources of our inspiration can truly come from the most unexpected corners of our lives.

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