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Valentine’s Day is canceled in Benguet

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  • February 12, 2020February 12, 2020

Benguet, PH – February 14 means happy day to dating couples and married couples all over the world.

There’s one exception. A small town in Benguet called La Trinidad has a different perspective which is being promulgated in one of this town’s small cafe. BADU Diner Cafe decided to announce in their Facebook page that they have canceled the idea that Valentines is only meant for couples.

By canceling that idea out, singles could enjoy that day. ‘February 14 is a day for both couples, singles and the broken hearted. It should be that way. We need to be more inclusive.’, says the owner.

According to the cafe staff we interviewed, the cafe has always celebrated Valentines with huge promotions targeted for couples. This year, they have realized that happiness is not exclusively designed for couples. So not only will they serve couples, they will actually provide incentives to single people who will dine at their cafe for the same purpose as what couples should enjoy – good food and discounts.

Restaurants always project that it’s better to share food with someone because restaurants earn more money from two people vs one person.

‘Being single is the new way of being happy. It might even be the most productive season is a person’s life. Eating a meal alone on Feb 14 might mean you are just busy changing the world for the good of humanity’, the cafe owner pointed out.



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