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Why are teachers irreplaceable?

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  • December 20, 2020December 20, 2020

There are over 880,000 thousand public school teachers in the Philippines with over 23 million enrollees for the school year 2020-2021. Other registered teachers have found their more comfortable life as police officers, businessmen, etc. In the Philippines, teachers are one of the government employees who have lesser salary while the small Kingdom of Bhutan recently informed that teachers are the highest-paid public servants in their kingdom.

 In the latest Department of Education salary matrix, a Teacher 1 is entitled to Salary Grade 11 or equivalent to Php 20,754.00 (See: Teacher’s Salary Table).

Aside from the basic salary as a teacher, he/she is also entitled to several Public School Teacher’s Benefits. Besides their challenging profession, teachers are also considered irreplaceable.

Let us find out why.

  1. Teachers have undergone rigorous training and education.
  2. An intensive selection process was done to properly select teachers.
  3. Teaching is more of their calling than their profession.
  4. Teaching requires patience.
  5. Teachers treat their students as part of their family.
  6. Their time dedication is incomparable.
  7. Teachers inspire and guide students in learning
  8. Unlike technology, teachers establish an emotional connection to learners
  9. Teachers can sacrifice their time for their family for the benefit of their calling.
  10. Teachers are community builders.

There are no definite words that would explain why our dedicated teachers are irreplaceable aside from what transcribed above. Teachers existed even in the beginning of times. The definition of teaching may have evolved through social and cultural developments, but it is still clear that teaching without dedicated teachers is dead.

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