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A Teacher’s Inspirational Story of Toil, Triumph, and Passion

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  • Teacher Jacquelyn Rachel L. Tapdasan spent her years teaching and showing learners everywhere her passions
  • She opened up the first opportunities for alternative learning in remote sitios
  • At present, she serves as the District Alternative Learning Systems Coordinator of Naga III, bringing learning everywhere 

One of the most gratifying and noble profession is being a teacher. It requires patience, love, and great passion imparting knowledge and grace to awaiting learners. Being a teacher in the Philippines is challenging to say the least, but it is also interesting to tell. 

This is especially true for a teacher named Jacquelyn Rachel L. Tapdasan, who has spent most of her life teaching. Starting as a classroom teacher, Tapdasan always believed that teaching is not just a profession, but a personal calling – a vocation. 

“I’m passionate about teaching because I come from a family of teachers, and I’m surrounded with passionate people. Even if I have a son with special needs, I continue to teach and use this as an inspiration to help my learners grow and succeed,” she shared.

2003 was the start of the change in her career when she accepted the challenge of being the Non-Formal (NFE) Coordinator in the District of Naga III in the province of Cebu. Being an NFE Coordinator meant that she would leave the comforts of teaching in a classroom to provide education to learners in far-flung areas inaccessible to formal basic education system. 

Every week, she traveled to Sitio Cabuan, which is 14 km from the town proper, to conduct basic literacy program (BLP) to out-of-school youth and adults. This opened her to the opportunity of meeting the residents of the sitio. 

It was there where she coordinated with the barangay officials and look for partners in implementing the life skills training such as basic dressmaking, manicure and pedicure, welding and fabrication.  Her great efforts paved the way for non-formal education in the remotest sitio in Naga City. 

In times of struggle and challenges, Tapdasan is determined not to give up. She keeps the passion within her burning, and she always reminds herself of the ancient proverb: “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

At present, Teacher Jacky serves as the District Alternative Learning System (ALS) Coordinator of Naga III. Every week, she travels to four community learning centers (CLCs) to meet her students. She has been in ALS for 16 years.

Her story of persistence and passion is truly an excellent reminder for people to never give up in helping those in need and to continue changing lives, touching hearts, nurture minds; transforming the lives of young learners everywhere.

“The best part of teaching is seeing my students grow and to make a difference in the life of my learners,” Teacher Tapdasan concluded.


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