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DepEd Announces Revised K-10 Curriculum for School Year 2024-2025

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In a bid to enhance the quality of basic education in the country, the Department of Education (DepEd) has announced the completion of its review of the Kinder to Grade 10 (K-10) curriculum. The updated curriculum is set to launch in a few weeks, with its implementation planned for the school year 2024-2025, according to DepEd Undersecretary Michael Wesley Poa.

Speaking at a Palace briefing on Tuesday, Usec. Poa acknowledged that the current curriculum was perceived as “highly congested,” posing difficulties for young learners to master the subjects. The redesigned curriculum aims to address this issue by simplifying and streamlining the learning process.

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The key to the revised approach lies in decongesting the current curriculum and allowing more time for core subjects. “We will allot more time for the fundamentals, such as math, science, English, reading, and values formation subjects,” Usec. Poa stated. The goal is to make these fundamental subjects more comprehensible and manageable for students, improving their overall educational experience.

The draft of the updated curriculum underwent a public review in May, drawing feedback from experts, members of the academia, and the general public. “We received a lot of comments,” Poa said, suggesting that this widespread engagement helped shape the final version of the curriculum.

Regarding the K-12 program, Usec. Poa confirmed that its review is still underway. The department’s aim is to ensure that graduates of senior high school are fully equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for gainful employment.

The announcement represents an important milestone in the Department’s ongoing effort to refine the national curriculum and deliver high-quality education to all students in the Philippines.

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