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DepEd Extends Late Enrollment for SY 2023-2024 Until September

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In response to recent disruptions caused by typhoons during the initial registration period, the Department of Education (DepEd) has decided to accept late enrollees until the end of September for the upcoming school year.

Assistant Secretary Francis Bringas conveyed this announcement via Viber message to reporters, expressing optimism that more students would enroll in the coming weeks, helping DepEd achieve its enrollment target of 28.8 million students, similar to the previous school year.

The extension aims to ensure that all students have the opportunity to enroll and start their education on time. The decision was made after considering the challenges faced by families affected by the typhoons. DepEd believes that accommodating late enrollees will help minimize disruption to the learning process and provide a fair chance for all students to receive an education. Parents and guardians are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and complete the enrollment process as soon as possible. This extension reflects DepEd’s commitment to inclusive education and its efforts to support students and families affected by natural disasters.

As of Wednesday morning, DepEd’s Learner Information System (LIS) reported 25.89 million enrollees, leaving them approximately three million short of their target. Bringas noted that enrollment figures are still in flux as schools continue to report to the LIS. The official count for the current school year will be determined once 100% of schools have submitted their data.

DepEd’s policy permits schools to admit late enrollees, provided they can still attend at least 80% of the prescribed school days and meet quarterly requirements to advance to the next grade level.

After the initial month of the school year, schools will implement child-find procedures to ascertain why some students have not returned to school. For those unable to continue formal schooling, the Alternative Learning System (ALS) offers an alternative path for their education.


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