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DepEd Says Teachers Will Get Extra Days Off for Joining a Special Program, More Than Usual 15 Days

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The Department of Education (DepEd) announced on Tuesday that teachers who participate in the National Learning Camp (NLC) will earn extra service credits, exceeding the standard 15-day limit.

The announcement comes in response to concerns raised by the Alliance of Concerned Teachers. The group previously pointed out that teachers, although incentivized to work during their vacations, would still be restricted by DepEd’s 15-day limit on service credits.

Undersecretary Michael Poa, the DepEd spokesperson, clarified that the additional service credits would be exclusive to the 15-day limit.

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“Since this is voluntary, teachers will receive service credits. These service credits are usually capped at 15 days per year. However, the service credits given for this program will be over and above the 15-day limit. They are a token of our gratitude for the voluntary work our teachers are doing,” said Poa, speaking partly in Filipino.

In addition to these credits, participating teachers will also receive compensation and meals. However, the DepEd is still working out the specifics of these provisions.

Undersecretary Poa also shared that learners will be incentivized with free items and services such as ice cream and eye checkups, courtesy of DepEd’s collaborations with private sectors.

“We want to make this fun,” he said.

The NLC pilot program, which will be launched by DepEd on July 24, is part of their efforts to address learning gaps in the country. The additional service credits for teachers mark an innovative incentive to encourage volunteerism and dedication to this cause.

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