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Guidelines on the required health standards in basic education offices and schools

Studies and researches show that schools are still one of the most dangerous public locations which has the highest possible risk for contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Even at this time of distance learning, danger still is there for people who need to visit or stay at school – parents who need to pay for tuition fees or to settle for the upcoming school year, and staff and employees who stay for operations at school.

Guided by the recent order published by the Department of Education last June 25, 2020, DepEd Order No. 014 s. 2020 would give us the required health standards in basic education offices and schools.

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Adopted from the guidelines promulgated by the Department of Health (DOH), Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) and directives by the President, the DepEd order covers DepEd Central Office (COs), Regional offices (ROs), School Division Offices (SDOs), and all basic education schools and community learning centers (CLSCs), public or private.

DepEd’s required health standards framework is anchored upon the released “Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of Community Quarantine in the Philippines” of IATF which adheres to all forms of community quarantine. Additional consulted references are also developed in this framework which is mainly composed of four COVID-19 mitigation objectives which are to increase physical and mental resilience, reduce transmission, reduce contact, and reduce the duration of infection.

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