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CHECK OUT: Muslim grad shares inspiring story in Catholic School

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  • November 14, 2019November 14, 2019

  • A Muslim woman shares her story about graduating in a Catholic school taught her that despite our differences, we are one.  
  • Graduating as cum laude at the University of Santo Tomas, Jomana Lomanco shares how no matter what other people told her, she pursued her passions and did not let differences stop her
  • She shares that UST taught her that despite belonging in a certain religion, we are all human on the inside

Oftentimes, we get carried away with our differences and we let it segregate how we interact with the world and how we conduct our lives. But here is an inspiring story of a Muslim who finished her undergraduate degree in a highly Catholic university.

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via Jomana Lomanco/Facebook

She shared her story about her staying in college, and encouraging people to “look at our similarities, rather than our differences.”

My success is only by Allah.ACCT1A&B quiz 1: 54/100Finacc1 prelim exam: 52/100Finacc1 quiz 4: 36/100Finacc2 prelim…

Posted by Jomana Lomangco on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Unfazed with the comments other people are throwing at her and her choice of school, Jomana Lomangco was firm in pursuing a degree in Accountancy at the University of Santo Tomas (UST).

Finishing as cum laude in the university, she shared that she never felt discriminated at all in the four walls of the university. She narrated that she never have “felt less just because I’m a Muslim.”

As my last graduation post, I would like to share how it’s like to be a Muslim in a Catholic University. As I chose UST…

Posted by Jomana Lomangco on Monday, June 3, 2019

“As I chose UST to be the place where I will spend 5 years of my life studying, I have faced stereotyping beforehand that this decision might alter my faith. Baka raw maging “Christian” na ako sa college. (They said I might turn into a “Christian” in college).”

In an online exchange with ABS-CBN News, she said that she didn’t mind what other people said to her. And when she found out that UST was one of the best accountancy schools in the Philippines, she pursued it with a passion. Indeed, she exerted her efforts and excelled.

Being Muslim in a Catholic School

Her Facebook post has earned thousands of likes and shares from the online community that found it “inspiring.” Her post has garnered more than 5,000 shares and over 28,000 reactions.

“Well done… Congratulations! Thank you for being an instrument in bridging the gap between these faiths — surely what this world needs to make it a better place,” a Facebook user wrote.

“True. Look at the common ground, not the differences. UST has taught us to live the faith. We may not have the same faith, but love is universal. Congratulations,” another user commented.

In her viral post, she recalled her decision to enter the Catholic university as a Muslim. She said that being respectful and accepting of others despite their differences is among the qualities she has imbibed throughout her stay at UST. She thanked her Alma matter and vowed to carry these traits for the rest of her life.

“I have learned many things throughout my stay, but this I will remember in my whole life. To be of a certain faith, may it be Christianity or Islam, is to be HUMAN. And to be human is to respect and accept each other in spite of the differences in our beliefs.”

She reiterates that despite being part of a certain religion, we are all human deep inside. And to be human is to accept other people in spite of differences present.

“As a Muslim who took up a few Theology courses, I’ve learned to look at our similarities rather than our differences. And I think that’s exactly what this world needs.”


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