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PRC, to conduct an online special oathtaking

Given through the adjustments made in compliance with the public health emergency, The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces to conduct an online oathtaking application system for a virtual or online special oathtaking, posted last Wednesday on the official website.

Guidelines on the procedure of online oathtaking application system was also posted:

  1. Select transaction, then enter the profession and Notice of Admission (NOA) application number.
  2. Click “PROCEED” and the page will redirect.
  3. Select preferred PRC regional office and click next. The system will automatically give you the earliest date set for oathtaking.
  4. After confirmation click “SUBMIT APPLICATION” to proceed.
  5. A confirmation message will pop up with the summary of your transaction.
  6. Click “CLICK TO GO BACK” to redirect to your EXISTING TRANSACTION.
  7. You can see your transaction details from your EXISTING TRANSACTION. Click “PRINT DOCUMENT” to print your oath form.
  8. You can now print your oath form.

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