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Teacher’s Online Hacks

Teachers, still preparing for your online class? Not confident enough with your presentation and instruction? Have a quick read and scan these applications, extensions, and templates to use. Let us aid you through.

Math talk, given Algebra, Geometry, and other related subjects – admit it, it is definitely not that easy to teach figures if not face-to-face. Not just that, we have Science saying hello to Physics, Chemistry, and such. Good thing the internet has platforms for specialized subjects.

We can use GeoGebra ( which is an Interactive Math and Science Application that can also be integrated into PowerPoint. Another application is PHET Simulations (, applicable for all Grade Levels. This application is for research-based simulations for STEM education.

For Science, specifically for various chemical structures, we can also use MARVINSKETCH ( This is applicable preferably for Junior and Senior High School.

For a decent and professional presentation templates, we can use PowerPoint Add-ins, Slidesgo (, PiktoChart (, Slides Carnival (, and Canva ( Explore the platforms of different amazing features and graphic effects.

Check out these Google Chrome Extensions for instructional tools in recording attendance, facilitating presentations, and accessing files offline. Download Meet Attendance ( for Google Meet, Dualless (, and Google Docs Offline ( Take time to view and study the functions of these extensions for a more effective and efficient online instructions.

Just as how learning never stops, teaching does.        
Educators, let us continue to pursue progress and development!     


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