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Downloadable Career Guidance Program from DepEd

Educators should not set aside important steps that our students are still facing amidst the changes.

At the height of distance learning, reaching out to students could be a challenging task – especially regarding projects, programs, and activities for students. Good thing, DepEd aids us through their online platforms that will enable educators to host orientations and webinars.      

One of the essential programs that schools should also give time to focus on is the Career Guidance Program for the Junior High School students.

Due to the restrictions brought by the challenge of the ‘New Normal’, students who are now isolated at the comfort of their homes are also adjusting to the major changes of education. Just as how teachers are into burning the midnight oil in studying online instructions, students are also dealing with how to learn and comprehend well on the online learning modality, diverting their attention to the importance of planning and organizing their future life goals. However, we should also consider that though we are busy facing the changes, the needs of the students are still hanging, waiting to be addressed.

Junior High School students, most especially at this point in time also have confusion in choosing their desired career paths. To help them decide wisely, teachers should promote awareness to the students through orientations by facilitating webinars.

Here are some of the modules for Career Guide organized by DepEd:       

PowerPoint for Introduction:

Embarking on a Journey of Self-Awareness : Module 1

Examining the Destinations: Module 2

PowerPoint for Module 2

Charting Your Own Course and Final Appendices: Module 3

Summary in Google Drive:


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