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Points you should look out before, during and after attending webinars

Webinars, a short term for web seminars or training-workshops done online, is an essential tool for any career and profession nowadays.

Teachers are expected and required to train and attain professional growth especially in the context of the new normal of education. Before jumping into lots of webinars that pops out on the internet, essential guidelines should be marked on.

Tips to follow before attending webinars:

  • Relearn the Basic
    We always have in mind that we must learn innovations and new strategies of teaching, given that we are adjusting to online learning. But what we tend to overlook is that we should also consider relearning and retraining ourselves with the basic knowledge of education, to be able to truly understand the grounds that we should competitively look forward to; seminars that provide prime knowledge about blended learning, online learning, what underlies asynchronous and synchronous classes and such.
  • Learn new skills
    The main purpose of conducting webinars. At this time of adapting to changes, we should all be rational in accepting new set of skills to hone our credibility.
  • Be selective of the knowledge that you need to learn
    It also became a trend to attend webinars now and then for the sake of gaining certificates and units. The conflict here is that learnings and topics are not absorbed anymore due to the number of trainings attended which are not suitable for your expertise. Be wise in choosing webinars that can be of help to you. The question for this would be, “Does this webinar match the level that I am teaching?” or “Does this webinar suits the subject
  • Careful in choosing the reliable organizations and associations
    It became a thing to give free webinars and online trainings, with or without a certificate. Though it may be catchy and truly a help for educators, we should also be keen on relying too much on this. We should also consider checking the legitimacy of the organization we associate with for the most reason for the security of our data and information.
  • Mark your calendars
    It is okay to attend more webinars if that would fit the training that you needed. Just make sure that you organized and plan well with the dates and set your alarm for early webinars. We don’t want to be late and arrive at nothing after we register for an important training we want to attend.

Tips to follow during webinars:          

  • Know the keynotes
    Ahead of time, some organizations are providing a primer or flow of topics as you registered. Be sure to review them before the time of the webinar. This will aid to be familiar with the topic to be discussed.
  • Jot down
    Some speakers allow their viewers to record the webinar; some would not. Some programs are also posted after live webinars. It depends upon the organization. If it can be recorded, you should not waste your time on just listening. Jotting down notes would also help but it would be more effective if you record or save some snapshots of the slides and presentations given.
  • Be attentive
    Some webinars don’t have registration. It depends upon the attendance being given upon the actual live session which would give you the reason to focus on watching attentively. More so, engaging in interactive sessions would boost your participation.

Tips to follow after attending webinars:         

  • Get your certificates
    This is one of the major conflicts after attending webinars. Online traffic is to be expected but you should always inquire for the certificate you deserve upon the hours you spent attending a webinar.
  • Organize your list
    It is a must to always update your list of certificates. Have it a table that categorizes the organization, the title of the webinar/training/workshop, the date, and of course, the speaker.



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