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Forms to be Checked as Class Advisers (Download Now!)

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Download the FORMS to be checked as class advisers.

The end of this school year is just around the corner and many of us, teachers, are somewhat preparing our forms in preparation for the said checking.

Available below are the forms you need to prepare, although some of which can be generated from the LIS website. These are the default forms originally derived from DepEd itself. You may adjust and modify each file according to your class details.

Start your download now by clicking on each file below.

School Form 5 Report on Promotion and Level of Proficiency for Kinder
School Form 1 – School Register
School Form 2 – Daily Attendance
School Form 3 – Books Issued and Returned
School Form 5 – Report on Promotion and Learning Progress Achievement
School Form 10 – Learners Permanent Record
School Form 10 – Learners Permanent Academic Record for Junior High
School Forms for Senior High School (All in One File)
Also Download: My Reading Log (For Learners Guide)


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