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The Best Free Name Tracing Generator in 2021

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One of the most enjoyable activity for me as kid, was tracing my name. In this post, we shared a link for one of the best free name tracing generator out there.

One important thing that kids learn while in preschool or kindergarten is how to spell and write their name. So we wanted to come up with an easy way for teachers and parents to practice this important skill with their kids.

This worksheet is made specially for preschoolers and kindergarten kids so that they can practice writing their name.

Just a little trivia about people’s favorite sound. Our name. Taken from

In the classic book “How To Win Friends and Influence People,” Dale Carnegie interviews the late American politician Jim Farley on his secret to being a more likeable and persuasive person.

What was his secret? Amazingly, Farley would go out of his way to remember the names of everyone he met. In fact, Farley could remember the first names of 50,000 people!

This is definitely impressive, but why is remembering and using people’s names important? 

There are two reasons: First, when you remember someone’s name, it makes that person feel respected and more important. However, when you don’t remember someone’s name, especially when they’ve told you their name multiple times, it can make that person feel slighted.

Second, when you actively use someone’s name in conversation, it makes that person feel more engaged and interested. Unsurprisingly, Carnegie says, this is because “a person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Why use our name tracing generator? It is simple. Unlike other name tracing generator out there, we made ours simple and easy-to-use. Just enter the name you want to name trace and the email where we will send your finished name tracing ready-to-print pdf file.

If you don’t believe us, maybe what people who already used our editable name tracing generator are saying will change your mind.

“Fast response to my request. Thank you so much. This material is of great help to a child. God bless you more.” – Mira Aprilie Sonquit

“Soooo nice! God Bless..” Mathaeus Jett Talidano

Name Tracing Generator – Free Download

File Instructions: (Please Read!)

  1. Click the link (Name Tracing Generator) above.
  2. Put name and email to the form fields.
  3. Open your email to see the download link.
  4. Download the PDF file and print.

You may use Adobe Reader to open the PDF file.

If you don’t have it, you can download it for free here:

Our name tracing generator is still in its infant stage. But we will make sure to develop it as much as we possibly can and give it more features to make your download much more personalized.


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