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Online classes had begun.

For some students on private sectors, sure you can relate. But for those who have not started their classes just yet, here’s a guide on how you can prepare for the upcoming challenging school year.

First off, you need to understand that the path you are about to venture is unlike any other school year you had gone through your previous school years. The upcoming school year would make a lot of differences – by that, it means A LOT.

Just imagine the circumstances. You will be isolated from your friends at school, having new friends in your section would be limited, your adjustments to online instructions will not be that easy, your unusual set-up of studying at home will be odd, and so forth.

Clearing those mess on your head, you need to set aside the conflicts and exert extra effort on seeking the solutions and effective strategies in facing these challenges.

Focus on the goal. Set your objective. Ask yourself these questions:

Is it really necessary for me to push through education at this time of pandemic?
    (If no, what stops me? If yes, what could be my top reason to assure my decision?)

–  Am I ready to face this challenging school year?
  (If not, what are the things I need to prepare for me to be ready? If yes, how can I assure
   my preparedness?)

C’mon. Don’t just answer yourself a “maybe”. This ‘New Normal’ deserves RESPONSIBLE people. Think about numerous times before you jump into your decisions so you could proceed to the tips on surviving online classes.

  1. Online class starter pack
    Gadgets on good functions? Check.       
    Wifi on stable connection? Check.          
    A conducive space at home for concentration? Check.          

    Make a good list of the primary things you need to have on taking an online class.
    Prepare your gadgets, your webcam, headset with noise-canceling microphone, and of course a stable internet connection. Your space at home should also be conducive to learning. A well-ventilated and lit room away from distractions and noise should also be taken into consideration. If you weren’t able to set this whole thing up, you better think twice if you will be able to survive an online class. (Anyway, modular could help you in the meantime.)       

  2. ORGANIZE your time

A good calendar organizer could be of great help. Since we’re going digital, a digital clock and calendar on a mobile phone can be maximized. The long staycation is over. Make sure to practice how to wake up early and sleep early to be able to stay active and productive in your online class. Plotting the dates on your calendar would also help you be reminded of your class schedules and deadlines.

  • Stay in touch          
    Unlike before that, we could just run into the faculty rooms for consultation and inquiries, online class would give you limited time and access in doing so.

    Use the right online platforms in communicating with your teachers and classmates. Always have respect even in the cyber world. Consider the time intended by your teachers for your inquiries and make sure your effort will be worthwhile. Don’t forget to jot down and information and further questions that you might encounter on your live conference. Ask it after the class, so you won’t interfere with the limited time for discussions.
    Update the right persons regarding your concern and refrain from complaining about your difficulties on the internet. ‘Think before you click’ as the cliché describes the major rule of the internet, “what you post stays forever on the internet.”

  • Establish responsibility and discipline

Be completely aware of your behaviors. In the comfort of your homes, you might feel like a couch potato having that procrastination aura surrounding you while listening to the discussions. Another instance is that you might forget that you had your camera on, not being conscious of your movements. But don’t let these practices define you, prioritize decency and professionalism, considering that you are attending a formal gathering, a class that demands responsibility and discipline.

Stick with the policies of your school even though you are at home. Groom yourself before you enter a class and make sure you look presentable. This way, you will be able to face your classmates and teachers with respect. These were the major rule of online class. Having these tips in mind would help you cope up with the changes and challenges that will follow.


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